Blog 8: March 14th update revisions.

The March 14th update of the Alpha rules was swiftly followed by some quick sleuthing by some forum members who rightly pointed out that several models had been left out and there were some glaring mistakes in several files.

The following Army list Files have been revised sufficiently enough to warrant a revision to the March 14th update files. This will allow players to get all the changes in one place without the need to find each and every one themselves:
Black Talons

For quick attention I have collated all the Revised units into one document: the March 14th update additional units. These were omitted entirely due to my own human error.

When recording my own play test games I use my own tracking sheet just to keep track of each action as it happens. I have provided that here as an aide though the notes generated may be submitted with a play test game response. I find it is helpful to get a sense of the pace of a game and in remembering the pivotal actions that may have changed the overall result (a lucky/unlucky dice result, a careless move etc):  
Reporting sheet for Test.

Errata and typos
The majority of the errata and typos will be archived in the Alpha Forum topic of the same name, and they are in all fairly minor but there are a couple of important notes:

Blast: Blast is one of those traits that works easily as a concept; being near an explosion means a target may be damaged regardless of how agile the target is. It will rarely cause those really impressive hits but blast performs. Since the start of the Alpha playtest blast has evolved into a sleek trait. The current working version (revised from the March 14th update) sound like this:

[Blast:XD6] Blast: Primary targets of an Area Effect attack with Blast may be hit by the blast effect. Roll blast damage if the attack Check result equals or exceed the GUN skill of the attacker. Blast damage has a TN:4+ vs each target where XD6 is the rating of the Blast trait. Each success will cause one damage. A target with AR greater than the PEN rating of the weapon gain the blast resistance trait (TN:6+ to damage).
Note: This trait will entirely replace section 10.1a: Blast AE attacks in the additional weapons notes and attack options section of the main rules.

Various blast damage effects have been tried but any reduction of the blast area from the AE of a weapon usually meant that only the single primary target model of an attack was the only one affected. Leaving blast to affect the entire AE made any blast with more than 1D6 of blast damage hugely powerful so to balance and reduce rule complexity the specification that only the target model is affected by blast damage is being tested.

The Area effect (AE) trait allows for potential hits on secondary targets but the blast trait gives a weapon a very significant capability over other weapon traits; It is entirely dependant on the attackers ability to generate a favourable result rather than the defenders ability to avoid it and it can defeat target armor without a penetration/armor modifier. When a defending model starts rolling 4D6 or higher for defense or has a Pilot skill of 3+ the blast effect starts to be a good way to generate consistent damage rather than a continuous chain of missed auto cannon or bazooka attacks. By separating the blast trait from the radius of the AE some very specific differences between weapons can be generated.

Toss: Toss is another type of effect that is easy to visualize. A heavy kick or shove to move another model. Since putting it in there has been some points about how armor ratings don’t adequately explain the ability to toss another model so a limitation specifying that a model can’t be tossed if it’s silhouette is larger than the tossing model. So no, a Drake may NOT toss a Barnaby gear carrier! The largest maximum silhouette should be used as a comparison, not just the facing visible by models. The length of most models will give the standard measurement that should be used.

Toss is one of those rules that may not survive into the final beta rules it may be an interesting option to move a model out of contention of an objective, or toss them out of cover to be fired at in the open. It may strain the sense of realism but the big robot smack down is just a fun thing that is a 'should be' rather than a' has to be' rule.

With the impending release of the new PRDF Hoplite model for Peace River, and the Rumble in the Jungle book from Arkrite Press releasing at the end of Apri. There are many new developments coming to the Heavy Gear game. As we move towards the open beta this summer it is looking like 2014 is shaping up to be a great year for Heavy Gear fans.


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