AFD-14 Dragonfly Press Release

Dream Pod 9 is ecstatic to announce our latest venture with the signing earlier today of a multiyear partnership with German based aerospace manufacturer Geyer Industries. The first project will take Dream Pod 9 concepts for the AFD-14 Dragonfly VTOL aircraft and attempt to produce a real world equivalent with military and civilian applications.

3D modeling of the AFD-14 Dragonfly has been completed to allow for aerodynamic wind tunnel testing. Additional avionics development will continue with the goal of achieving a first prototype later this year.

“I can’t wait to see how it all turns out, we were promised flying cars when I was a kid and it never materialized, now I’m looking forward to getting my very own civilian AFD-14 Dragonfly.”

Robert Dubois (President Dream Pod 9) 4/01/2014