Development Blog #10: April 11th rules update

So it’s update time again.

This is the last Alpha rules and army lists update before we start putting together the initial Beta rules. This means that the rules are still slightly in flux and the unit stats are getting more and more locked down. There are still many things to playtest, many combinations of armies, many combinations of support and unit, and many things to look forward to.

There are some pretty big changes this time around, most notably are:


Cover. The changes to cover came about from discussions on the forum about the difficulty of judging 50% coverage for partial cover. We’re going to take a slightly more boolian tact in the future and move into a Some or All cover situation. The basics are simple. Every piece of terrain has a height which is equal to the highest point of the terrain. It also has one of three cover ratings: Light (+1D6 cover modifier), Medium (+2D6), or Heavy (+3D6). If the height of the cover is greater than the model’s silhouette then the cover is full cover and you need to be within your detection range to target them with an action. Add the full rating of the cover if it is adjacent (within 1”) of the model and add +1D6 if there is any non- adjacent cover (called additional cover because the cover modifier is in addition to adjacent terrain). If the additional cover is tall enough to count as full cover then it adds it’s whole cover rating instead of just the +1D6.

Melee combat has received some heavy tweaks. There are no longer free strikes so if you don’t want to hang around and get cut to pieces you can boot out of combat if you want to. This is a great option for APCs and Tanks that really don’t like the sound of vibro blades on their hulls. Combine this with some interesting melee attack options (throw your target out of cover?) and you have some choices.

There is one new weapon with this update. It’s called the Shaped Explosive (*SE). It is a melee weapon with the anti-structure ability and gives any model the possibility of putting bunker busting on their resume since it has joined the list of generic upgrades. You can even purchase demolition drones armed with shaped explosives as a generic upgrade. It also give a nice bump to engineering gears who now come with hand grenades and shaped charges as standard.

A big thanks goes out to the Heavy Gear community for enthusiastically and critically playing games with the new rules and sharing your experiences. It is especially gratifying to hear how many new players are picking up the game for the first time based on the strength of the rules.

This last phase before the beta playtest rules are released in a better formatted form will be largely focused on points balance between models, especially at the top end of the scale where the heavy striders and tanks exist. That will be a part of the next series of development blogs.

If you are looking for a quick link to the updated files you can get links to them

here. Core Rules can be quick linked to Core Rules.



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