Northern Dragonfly Hopper (VTOL Aircraft)

No April fools day joke today, just great news, the new Northern Dragonfly Hopper (VTOL Aircraft) is back from rapid prototyping. The first set of production molds was finished up this weekend and the kit is now available for pre-order on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store.
Hoppers are being added into the new edition of Heavy Gear Blitz, which is currently in development, and will be included in an upcoming developer blog post for everyone to try out in playtest, it will be available to the Northern and Peace River factions. The Dragonfly is the first of the new Hoppers and is 78mm wide by 94mm long from tail to tip of gun at 1/144 scale, the same scale as the other Heavy Gear Blitz miniatures.
Our webmaster added a new sales option to the Dream Pod 9 Online Store, which we are trying out on the Dragonfly Hopper and Hoplite APC Custom Pack. When you purchase a Dragonfly or Hoplite at the regular price there is now an Available Options section below the price. The options allow you to add a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th miniature at a special price each, effectively allowing you to create your own package deal price when ordering up to 4 of the same miniature at once. You just need to check the box for each option you want added. We'll do some more options like this for select products over the coming weeks, let us know what you think about it.
Here is a direct link to the Dragonfly Hopper's order page which has parts and additional photos of the Dragonfly even one with a Warrior and Hoplite on each side to show its size.