Development blog schedule for sub-lists

While I methodically complete the summary from the alpha test of the new Heavy Gear rules and we move to a rules beta it's important to remember that the lists provided in the Alpha are never supposed to be the be all and end all of the lists. Equipment availability and the character of different military forces on Terra Nova goes beyond a list of equipment.

For that we will have the sub-lists (Force specific army lists). These force lists will be a chance for players to allow for a more defined character to their armies based on their preferred units and play styles. 


These force lists will be in alpha form while the core rules are locked down in beta and will receive periodic updates according to a schedule. The release of these lists will be staggered by faction so that no one gets left behind. Here is the schedule:




List of Sub-List armies
June: NG – Northern Guard (North)
July: WFP – Western Frontier Protectorate (North)
August: UMF – United Mercantile Federation (North)
September: NLC – Northern Lights Confederacy (North)
June: SRA – Southern Republican Army (South)
July: MILICIA – MILitary Intervention Counter Insurgency Army (South)
August: MK – Mekong Dominion (South)
September ESE – Eastern Sun Emarates (South + North/Peace River/ NuCoal)
Peace River
June: PRDF – Peace River Defense Force (Peace River)
July: POC – Peace Officer Corps (Peace River +North +South)
August: HGSF – Home Guard Security Forces (Peace River)
September: CTF – Combined Task Force (Peace River)
September: PSBM – Protectorate Sponsored Badlands Militia (Peace River + North/South)
June: HAPF – Humanist Alliance Peace Force (NuCoal + South)
July: PAK – Port Arthus Korps (NuCoal + South + North + CEF (-FLAILs))
August: LP – Lance Point* (NuCoal)
August: FN – Fort Neil* (NuCoal + South)
August: PG – Prince Gable* (NuCoal + North)
August: EM – Erech & Ninerveh* (NuCoal + North/South)
September: KADA – Khayr Ad-Dun (NuCoal + Duelists)
September TH – Temple Heights (NuCoal)
June: Leagueless list
September: Duelist rules
June: Veteran Upgrades
The format for each of these lists will be as single page guides. The first as a preview will be posted next week.
Players will always be able to construct their forces exclusively out of the faction model lists that the sub-lists will refer. See you next week!