Heavy Gear now and in the future

Though it is far too early to be talking about specific release dates with the success of the Kickstarter (Fulfillment Fall 2015) we'll soon be announcing what will happen after the kickstarter rewards are sent out.

Ideally we will be then focusing on bringing other faction models also to plastic as the price point improvements make the game much more competative. Naturally any players who prefer the older metal figures will be happy to know that the current range of metal figures and parts will remain available. 

With the completion of the kickstarter we will have plastic core figures for:

  • North
  • South
  • CEF
  • Caprice

This still leaves the following factions without plastic figures:

  • Peace River
  • NuCoal
  • Utopia
  • Eden
  • Black Talons

Black Talons are likely never going to have plastic figures, they are simply a force with too low a model count, their range will remain in metal.

Currently we're about 4-6 weeks behind schedule for the kickstarter which I think is quite good. The current standard on miniature kickstarters seems to be closer to 26-52 weeks late in most cases. The delays have almost been entirely around getting the 3D models to a very high standard while keeping them easy to assemble but pose-able. Thanks to the backers for your feedback, our models will be better because of you.

Two to three years down the road once all the factions have their core plastics is when we get to start looking at advancing the story line again and fitting in tidbits on some of the other corners of CEF territory where their control is not quite absolute. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Atlantis
  • Jotenheim
  • New Jerusalem
  • Botney Bay

(Random speculation goes into other threads)

So far we've been adding to factions that we have a very long history dealing with and with very well known and developed aesthetics. Going a little off the map will be interesting and let us explore some design spaces that should excite players and allow for a wider number of styles of mecha/Heavy Gear designs. My intention is to start any new factions off as forces akin to the current Eden, one or two model choices, mostly as support for other factions to get a sense of how the design space allows us to get out and change it up for game play experiences. This process will be mostly open with art and sketches released to the fans first for comments and then proceeding to models. One of the nice things about how intertwined the factions of Heavy Gear are is how there is little or no reason why two factions cannot have an arrangement as loyalist or resistance on either side of the conflict.

I'm off on vacation for a bit soon and then we'll largely be quiet as we slog away at getting rewards out to players.

What can you do? Well, wild speculation is one thing to avoid, there will be a time for that and you'll have plenty of heads up time to start salivating when that time comes. For now the best thing that any fan of Heavy Gear can do is play the game with the rules as written (check the errata) and get your friends to try it. The game has never been faster or more strategic and the time to start talking it up is always now. Start planning how you will paint your models when they arrive, start making terrain so your tables look their best, and start sharing everything you do with your fellow players on the forums and on your own social media. If you are like me at all you are busy clearing the desk of projects so that the painting station is clear for the first wave of models.

Please keep sharing your game experiences, remember that there are set example Forces for North and South in the rules that allow for some experimental/control games though like all game testing myself and the alpha testers are doing our best to create the unbeatable list, without much success so far I must say. There are so many variables in a game of Heavy Gear that each and every game is indeed a test of skill and daring between the players. Though Dream Pod 9 is not at Gencon in 2015 in 2016 we'll be heading to a number of conventions to demo the game and organize some tournaments for the competitive minded among you. Keep your ears out for that.

You can send comments or game reports and feedback directly to me at dave.mcleod@dp9.com

Sorry for the long post but I think it's good to get the basics out there so that the players have a general idea of what is coming down the pipeline.

Enjoy your summer everyone and don't let the mosquitoes carry you off!

I'll be back in August after some adventures of the vacation kind.