CEF Type 42 Peregrine Gunship Preview!

Our modeler, Tony, has been busy on another 3D Model for the Heavy Gear Blitz line. This time he's showing a bit of loving for the Colonial Expeditionary Force players out there with a new VTOL aircraft for the faction.

Checkout the attached preview of the new CEF Type 42 Peregrine Gunship model, shown along with the original artwork below it.

Tony took the time to make an exploded parts view of the Type 42 Peregrine Gunship, shown below. The CEF's new VTOL Gunship has a rotary laser cannon and rockets as its standard weapons loadout. Plus a variant loadout with anti-tank missiles, shown in the lower left of the image. The total length of the 1/144 scale Type 42 from tip of the nose gun to the rear is 52mm and its width is 35mm from the outside edges of the turbo fans.

We updated the 3D Model for the upcoming Type 42 Peregrine Gunship for the CEF faction to get it looking even closer to the original artwork, shown above. The main change was making the turbo fan thrusters a bit bigger and posing them at angles like the artwork. Plus making the edge below the cockpit window follow the shape of the window, it was more square before and posing the tail wings at more of an angle. Checkout the updated images of the Type 42 with side rocket pods and with anti-tank missiles below.

We hope all our CEF players like the new model, which should be available in late November.