Jovian Chronicles Fleet Scale Wave 3 Venus!

Tony decided to give a little loving to the Venus faction this time around. He made 3d Models of the Brunnhilde Fighter, the Ryu (stock and command) Exo-Armor, and the Bonebreaker (stock and command) Exo-Armor for Venus. Checkout the image below to see how they turned out.

These new Wave 3 Jovian Chronicles Fleet Scale Fighter and Exo Models are now available to Pre-Order, for shipping in early May. Here is a link to the Jovian Chronicles miniatures section of the DP9 Online Store to place your Wave 3 Pre-Orders now.…

For those who placed Pre-Orders for our Wave 2 Jovian Chronicles Fleet Scale of the Retaliator, Vindicator, Cerberus, and Fury Exo-Armors. The vulcanized rubber pewter casting molds are being completed this week and we'll start shipping Wave 2 next week.