JC Fleet Scale Wave 2 Exo-Armors in Pewter!

We finished up the production molds this week for the second wave of Jovian Chronicles Fleet Scale exo-armors. I grabbed a set of the first pewter castings of the Retaliator, Vindicator, Cerberus, and Fury to get parts photos done for the Online Store. And then assembled a squad of each, primed them in grey, and and took photos of them as well, checkout the attached image to see how they all turned out. We had to make the Fury's main gun a separate part that you glue on, as it could not work as a one piece miniature in the mold. Also, for the Vindicator model, Tony made the standard 4 missile pack a separate part that fits into a small notch behind the head (4 are included in the blister pack) and he made the bomber variant multi-missile pack and the gunner variant parts as well (2 of each are included in the blister pack).

The JC Fleet Scale Exo-Armor 2 Squad Packs each included 6 small 15mm tall exo armors (4 stock models and 2 commander models), except for the Fury with only has 6 stock models. They also include two of our new 3 pronged poseable flight stands in pewter with a black plastic bases. They are available now on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store, click the link below if your interested in picking some up. All previously placed Pre-Orders for these miniatures will be shipping out this Friday.