Kickstarter Update: Final Plastic Test Pops – Assembled Northern Minis Preview!

Just a quick update today with a preview of the assembled Northern Army plastic minis from the final test pops. We took a lot of photos to show how they turned out before they are sent off later this week to be painted for the photo on the Northern Army retail box. Click on the images below to open larger versions of the photos.

We primed the plastic miniatures for painting, here is how they look with a light grey primer.

Also, we forgot to mention in our last update that the Backer Special Online Store Orders were suppose to be ending today, so we have decided to extend the deadline one more week to Monday Morning May 23rd to get your special order in. Backers can place their special order on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store at the following link: . 

Once your have all the items to want in the cart, click the text to the right of the cart in the top right of the screen to Checkout. Once you click that you'll be asked to login to your online store account or to create one if its your first time placing an order with us. 

For your order to be treated as a Special Order and added to your Backer Reward Package we need you to type the following text in the comments box at the bottom of the Checkout Page Step 5: Payment Method: "Add to Backer Reward Package for <your Backer Name and email address used for pledge manager login> ." 

Note on how the Online Store works, it has a basic shipping cost for US and Canadian orders under $100 and all International orders, which it automatically charges. US and Canadian orders over $100 get free shipping. For these special order Dream Pod 9 will remove the shipping charge before your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) is charged. If you selected the PayPal payment option we will go and manually refund the shipping charge to your PayPal account. For all US, Canadian and Heavy Gear Universe Level Backers we'll add all the special order items to your Backer Reward Packages when they ship by wave and their is no extra shipping cost. For International Backers we'll add the extra weight of the special order items to your existing Backer Reward Package weight and you will be asked to pay the exact shipping cost for the total weight. Please get your special orders in as soon as possible, so we can get them cast-up and put aside for quick packing of the Backer Reward Packages. You have until Monday morning May 23th, 2016!