CEGA Birmingham 3D Model Preview!

Today we have our preview of the Birmingham 3D Model for the CEGA faction. This will our final 3D model preview before the Jovian Wars Kickstarter launch on Wednesday evening February 15th, 2017. The attached image shows the Birmingham Carrier from three angles and an exploded parts view with descriptions. The new spaceship models will be 1/4000 scale with the larger parts cast in high quality grey resin, smaller parts like the weapons will be cast in pewter, and the stand will be laser etched and cut clear acrylic base with clear acrylic post. The base that the 3D Model is show on is 4" long by 2" wide.

The initial goal of the Kickstarter will be to make four of the new resin spaceships designs, the Alexander and Majestic for the Jovian faction and the Constantinople and Brimingham for the CEGA faction. With the Kickstarter being used to raise the money needed to pay for the 3D models, rapid prototyping, silicon production molds for the larger resin parts, vulcanized rubber molds for the small pewter weapon parts, and to make copies of the spaceships for our Backer reward packages. As we are based in Canada we have to run the Kickstarter campaign in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and our initial funding goal will be $9,000 CAD (about $6,818 USD with the current exchange rate). We plan to have an $88.00 CAD pledge level (about $67 USD) that will include a set of the basic Alexander, Majestic, Constantinople, and Brimingham miniatures with their basic acrylic posts and bases, plus any extra parts added to the kits via stretch goals that we have planned. Only 102 Backers are need at the $88 CAD pledge level to reach our initial funding goal. We'll also have Add-Ons available, for an extra pledge, including the remastered Valiant and Poseidon miniatures, which Dream Pod 9 has already invested in to show everyone our proof of concept. Plus the Jovian and CEGA Exo-Armor and Fighter Two Squad Packs presently available on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store, will be available as Add-Ons for an extra pledge. So Backers will be able to add to their pledges and reach our initial goal faster and then unlock the many stretch goals we have planned. Which include 12 more Jovian and CEGA spaceships that we have already made the 3D Models for and that will be revealed during the Kickstarter Campaign, plus extra weapons and parts to upgrade and customize your ships.

Also we have been listening to Backer comments about shipping costs during our first Kickstarter for the Heavy Gear Blitz plastic miniatures. We'll be charging a fixed shipping costs based on the Backer location after the Kickstarter has ended. That way shipping cost will not included in the pledges, throwing off the Pledge Total and what stretch goals have been unlocked. Charging the shipping after will also save the 5% that Kickstarter charges on all money they collect as part of the campaign. The fixed shipping costs will be similar to our basic online store rates for Canadian Backers the fixed shipping cost will be $16 CAD, United States Backers fixed shipping cost will be $18 CAD (about $13.50 USD), and International Backers fixed shipping cost will be $45 CAD (about $34 USD). 

We should have the Jovian Wars Beta Rules update finished and ready to release at the start of next week before the Kickstarter launches. If you have already downloaded the Alpha Playtest Rules your all set, once the Beta Rules are ready, you'll get an email from DriveThruRPG to go download it as an update to the Alpha Rules. If you have not checked out the Jovian Wars, Alpha Playtest Rules yet, here is link to our free download on DriveThruRPG to get yours and try it out.