Jovian Wars Update: New Admiral Reward Level with Five New Ships, Plus New CEGA & Jovian Fleet Admiral Reward Levels!

We reached $14,500 in pledges today and have unlocked the next 5 new spaceships (Hydra, Ch'in, Detroit, Corsair, and Intrepid) as promised. And added the New Admiral Reward Levels, CEGA Fleet Admiral Reward Levels, and Jovian Fleet Admiral Reward Levels for Backers. Click the link below to checkout the full Kickstarter Update, with all details on the new reward levels and maybe make a pledge and pickup some cool new spaceships.…/jovian-wars-res…/posts/1822108

We have 2 images with this post, the first is a graphic we prepared for the Admiral Reward Level and its 5 new ships, plus their stretch goals. The second is of the remaining 5 new ships (Appalachian, Gagarin, Cargo Transport, Lennox, & Fuel Transport) that we have prepared 3D Models for this Kickstarter with their stretch goals to unlock them as Add-Ons, for an extra pledge once unlocked.

Thank you all for your support of our second Kickstarter, lets get the remaining stretch goals unlocked in the next two weeks and make the Jovian Wars Kickstarter a great success. Please continue sharing our updates and posts to help us get the word and to everyone.

The Dream Pod 9 Staff