Jovian Wars Kickstarter Update: Remastered Godsfire – New Add-On Parts

The final remastered ship is finished, check out the remastered Godsfire in the image below. This one took a bit of redesign work for the Habitat Section, to get it to looking good and working in its open version for rotation. Plus we added 6 pegs on it for players to mount upgrade weapons and parts if they wish to customize the ship. We are including both the Closed and Open Habitat Section parts with the Godsfire so players can choose which they want to use when assembling the ship. Another small redesign we made was the forward chin section is now a bit longer to fit pegs on each side for possible player customization. We hope you all like the remastered Godsfire and will consider picking one up as an Add-On in the Pledge Manager once its open for an extra pledge of $24 CAD.

Lastly, Tony made some new Jovian Twin Cargo Container Add-On parts to work on the Habitat Section of the Godsfire for those who want them, they will be available as an Add-On 4 pack in the Pledge Manager once its open for an extra pledge of $4 CAD.

We are working hard to get the Pledge Manager all finished up and ready to send out invites. As soon as its ready we'll do another update to let everyone know and then start sending out the invite emails. After all our Kickstarter Backers have all their accounts setup in the Pledge Manager, we plan to open it for 2 weeks to Outside Backers that missed the Kickstarter, to give them a chance to get these great new spaceships. Outside Backer Reward Packages will only ship after all our Kickstarter Backer Reward Packages have been shipped.