Progress update on Beta rules

The Kickstarter is over and now the final stages of the work is coming. 


The next couple of weeks will include a rules update, with some changes. The biggest change visually will be to the beta data cards.


You can see the new beta mk3 capital ship data card for the Tengu here:



As you can see, the Tengu is a small ship. Three structure is on the low side of the mid-range ship. 

Players who have been active in play testing the game will quickly notice some differences to the systems. Namely that some damage boxes are doubled up. These system boxes are called Redundant system boxes and increase the amount of damage that a ship can take before losing the effectiveness of that system. Keen observers will also note that the Tengu has three redundant boxes to match the three structure of the ship. This is  a common feature with larger ships being correspondingly more difficult to break.

In the weapons section there is a new column heading (Ma), or Macro:X, that adds the macro trait to the weapons. The macro trait now reads like this:

[Macro:X] Macro-Weapon:X: If an attack with this weapon successfully hits a target roll XD6 boost dice and add any matching dice to the previous result(s) to  determine the final result(s). Example: An AC:3 (Macro:2) weapon attack rolls [2, 4, 4]. The [2] is discarded and 2D6 are rolled for the Macro:2 trait getting a [2, 4]. The [2] is again discarded and the [4] adds to the original attack roll because it matched the number. This results in a final result of [T:4].

This means that capital ship weapons are a class above squadron weapons, literally!

There are now also damage boxes next to the traits that can be attacked and damaged to track their effects. You may also notice the new trait: Prow:1. This acts like an anti-macro trait which reduces the macro trait on weapons and can even prevent damage all together from small weapons if they attack from the right arc. This means the Tengu really wants to keep it's prow to the enemy for the maximum effect.

Make sure you join us on the forum where I'll post some previews of other updated ships over the next week with some reviews.

That's all for now. I'm busy casting up hundreds of squadrons nad getting molds of parts ready. These will be my tasks from now until it's all ready and done in May.