Heavy Gear Blitz 2017 Kickstarter Preview: Skirmisher Model

The Heavy Gear Blitz 2017 Kickstarter to make plastic miniatures for the Peace River, NuCoal, and Utopia faction core models is now set for a mid-September launch. This weeks preview is the Skirmisher model for the Peace River faction, checkout the image below with all the detail improvements and information. We changed the way the head and torso parts will be sprued and placed in the plastic injection molds to get better details on the front head sensors. Plus made the arms more poseable and the legs now have ball and socket connections to the hips for wider leg poses if the player wishes. Plus the butt plate and front and side hip armor plates are now separate parts which are glued on after the legs are posed.

One cool addition to Solidworks 3d software used to make the models is the ability to save the parts and assembly models as 3d PDFs. Click the link below to our latest HGB Kickstarter update, which has a link to download the new Skirmisher 3d PDF.