Heavy Gear Blitz 2017 Kickstarter Preview: Peace River Spartan Two Pack and Mameluk Add-On Models!

More nice surprises for our Peace River players today as we continue filling in some of their long missing army options. Checkout the 3d models image of the new Spartan Heavy Trooper Gear and Mameluk Infantry Fighting Vehicle below. The Spartan will be available as a Two Pack in pewter and the Mameluk as resin hull and pewter turret/weapon parts kit. The Spartan Two Pack will include one standing and one running pose, plus one set of standard arms and one set of arms that can hold the weapon across the torso. Along with two sets of the stock weapons and one set of the weapons for the Assassin, Incendiary, and Kestoros variants. Both will be available as Add-Ons in the upcoming Kickstarter #2 in late September and later this year on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store.

We'll have one more BIG Peace River 3d model preview to show, once Tony finishes it up. Then its on to previews of the NuCoal models.