State of Rule

Time for a brief update on the state of the rules for Heavy Gear and Jovian Wars.

I have been working on an update that is more of a house cleaning and errata set of rules though there are some notable additions. 


The most difficult issue with a rules update at this point is identifying the critical issues. The most important items to deal with are in order:

1) Required errata. This is stuff that is just plain wrong or worded awkwardly in the rules. Contradictory or unclear wording needs to be fixed. 

2) Errors in the model stats. It happens. It needs to get fixed.

3) Re balancing Threat point Values (TV). Experience and many many game reports informs that some models are just a bargain for the points. The risk of this is that there are a lot of possible biases that can occur in this process. Differences in table set ups, experience of players, composition of armies, etc. There is a lot to consider but evidence often mounts over time that leads to a simple conclusion.

4) Updating rules: Some rules were not written as well as they could be. A rules update is a chance to fix issues completely without patching them.

5) Rules Additions: A rules addition can happen. Someone suggests a change or something new that improves the rules. The new Patch Up action for models with the Medic trait are an example of this:


Add: “Patch Up (action): A Medic Model may spend an action to remove one point of damage from a friendly infantry unit within 3”. This action may only be used on Infantry units with an Infantry Movement type (I:X”) of 5” or less.

Note the second line. This allows for even the powerful En Koreshi to be patched up but models like lizard riders, Barnaby lizards, ATVs, and such can't be fixed with a stim pack and some tape.
This has also been a chance to change something in the weapons section that has been a thorn in the side of the rules for a long time. The AP:X trait. This trait was one that received the most revisions of any trait in the rules, most of the revisions happening before the rules were published. But the rule has always been difficult to articulate to players and had the weirdness of  having no function against low AR models.


[AP:X] Armor Piercing:X: Weapons with AP:X that hit a target with a MOS of 0 resolve damage normally. If target Armor Rating is greater than the Penetration rating of the weapon then the AP:X trait will do up to X damage that does not exceed the margin of success of the attack. Against targets with an Armor Rating equal to or less than the Penetration rating of the weapon add X to the PEN of the weapon. Example: A PEN:7 AP:2 weapon hits a target with AR:12 with MOS:3. Normal damage resolution would result in zero damage but the AP:2 trait will cause 2 damage. Example 2: An AP:2 weapon with PEN 7 hits a target with AR:6. The weapon counts as PEN:9 for damage resolution.



This change also requires a small adjustment to some AP values:


anti-vehicle Rocket Pack: Delete: AE:4, Add Split:2, AP1. Delete: Ballistic.

Combat Weapon: Add Parry:2

Railgun: Change AP:2/4/6 to AP:2/3/4

Shaped Explosives: Change AP:2/3/4 to AP:4.

Spike Gun: Change PEN to 5/6/7. Change AP:2/4/6 to AP:3.

Vibroblade: Change PEN to 5/7/9. Change AP:1/3/5 to AP:2. Add Parry:1


Note that the change to the *RP weapon is pretty drastic. It is simply a case of the gears needing a weapon that can damage larger vehicles at range without becoming the default weapon. Also the sheer time it took to resolve all the AE attacks was a negative.

The Parry trait is also a new one that just seems to make sense:

[Parry:X] Parry:X: Melee attacks targeting this model from the front arc diminish the Pilot skill of the attacker by X to a minimum of 6+. Example: A model with Pi:4+ attacks a model with a  Parry:1 weapon from the front. The attack is resolved with a Pi:5+.

There will be some other small changes and errata to be published first as a Beta document and then added to the Living Rule book as changes to the official rules.
The Beta document will be released in the last week of October.
A big thanks to all the players who submitted changes and suggestions. This process works because of your feedback.