2019 Feedback Friday – Rules Revision Discussion

Feedback Friday is back with lots of news for 2019. First I'd like introduce our new rules developer, The Rooster, he's one of our longtime fans, who wants go by this pseudonym. He's been working with me for the last several months on cleaning-up and re-writing rules and updating model lists stats. He'll be our new Rules Rooster here on the DP9 Forum, taking feedback and answering rules questions from players. As we work towards the release of an updated Heavy Gear Blitz – Quick Start Rulebook this spring and the Living Rulebook soon after that.

Another new member to the team is writer, Spencer Taylor, who is writing new short story pages for the start of each HGB Faction section, like we used to have in our older books. Plus artist, John Bell, is at work on some new chibi artwork to add to the updated rules section.

Now I'll pass the Feedback Friday post thread over to The Rooster, and let him introduce the ideas behind the next rules update and preview some of the changes we think will improve the game.

Robert Dubois (President Dream Pod 9)

Hello all,

We do not want to force anything down your throats. We want your feedback and no changes are final until everyone has had a chance to see them and voice their opinion. Also, let us know how you like this approach.

There is a mountain of player feedback already and we have used that to develop this revision. We will start coming out with new posts weekly. Let’s start with this chunk.

The Rooster "Rules Rooster" on the DP9 Forum

We want your feedback on the proposed rules and game play changes, feel free to leave comments and ideas in this forum post thread. Click the following link to checkout the full "2019 Feedback Friday – Rules Revision Discussion" thread on the DP9 Forum, then login and have your say on improving the game.