Peace River Argos and Mustang Painted Minis Preview!

We had Phil paint up the Argos and Mustang miniatures in the Peace River red and grey color scheme. You can checkout the photos of his great work below, taken from different angles, enjoy!

No major Feedback Friday post this week, just two weapon trait changes and weapon tweaks that the Rooster has proposed. The first is to give the Rifles a better feel in game play, the Precise trait has been changed. Instead of it negating an opposing models Agility trait, it now does the following.

[Precise]: This weapon adds +1 to the result rolled for direct attacks. This weapon may also be used to target very small models such as universal drones.

And the Advanced Weapon trait that use to improve a models Gunnery Skill by 1 (ex: +4 would become +3), now does the following.

[Adv] Advanced Weapon: A weapon with this trait adds +1 to the result rolled when attacking within optimal range. This weapon also does not apply the negative range modifiers for attacking targets in sub-optimal ranges.

With these changes if a weapon has both [Precise] and [Adv] it’s basically getting +2 damage in optimal range.

He then tweaked the damage for the Rifle and some of the Advanced weapons to make sure they are not overpowered with the changes. You can checkout the weapons discussion at the following thread on the DP9 Forum, login and have your say.