Happy Canada Day July 1st & Independence Day July 4th!

The staff at Dream Pod 9 wishes all our Canadian friends a Happy Canada Day, July 1st. And our American cousins to the south a Happy Independence Day, July 4th.

Now some important news, the DP9 office will be closed from July 3rd thru July 14, 2019 while we’re attending Dexcon 22 (July 3rd – 7th in Morristown, NJ) and Historicon 2019 (July 10th – 14th in Lancaster, PA) in the USA. If your attending either convention, stop by Dream Pod 9’s tables for a quick demo of Heavy Gear Blitz and learn how to play. We’ll be running fast 30 minute demos for 1 to 2 players all day long each day, with everything provided. Or if your already familiar with the HGB rules try challenging one of the staff to a fast game. Here are links to both gaming convention websites for those interested in checking them out.

All DP9 Online Store orders received over the last weekend will be shipped on July 3rd on the way down to Dexcon 22. Our next scheduled shipping after that will be on Friday July 19th after we’re back from the conventions. The DP9 Online Store Summer Sale is now on, checkout all the specials and get some bonus gifts for larger orders at the following link.