HGB Kickstarter Update: Peace River Uhlan Strider Assembled Resin Miniature and Resin Parts Photos – Plus Plastic Injection Mold News!

Its been a while since our last Peace River & NuCoal Kickstarter Update. This last week Alain over at Fusion Models finished up the silicone molds for resin casting of the Uhlan Strider parts and made the first copy for us. Today we have photos of an assembled Uhlan Strider resin miniature and all its resin parts to show. We’ll be giving the Uhlan over to Phil this weekend to get it all painted up and then we’ll do another update to show everyone how it turns out. Alain is now working on the Gilgamesh Tank for Utopia getting all its parts cleaned and prepped for making its large silicone molds.

We also have some news on the plastic injection molds, we`ve been going back and forth for the last few months with the company in Taiwan that is making the molds. Doing test pops of the plastic robot sprues, finding problems and getting them fixed, then doing new test pops, its all part of the manufacturing process. We think that the molds are ready and a final set of test plastic pops was made and sent out last week. We should receive them early this coming week here in Canada to checkout. If everything is good we’ll approve the molds and take photos and make big update for everyone. Then the molds will be shipped to Vancouver, Canada by sea freight and then by rail and truck to the company here in Montreal that will be popping the plastic sprues for us.

We still have a few Backers that need to login to the DP9 Pledge Manager, update their accounts and select their reward levels and any add-ons, we`ll be messaging them to do so via Kickstarter in the coming days.