Utopia, Peace River, and NuCoal Plastic Robot Sprues Final Test Pops Preview!

We received the final test pops of the plastic robots sprues for the Utopia, Peace River, and NuCoal plastic injection molds this week. The test pops are looking pretty good, we took photos of all the robot sprues front and back to show everyone how they look. These test pops were made by the mold manufacturer in Taiwan using a dark grey polystyrene hard plastic, we plan for our final production run to use a light grey polystyrene. Check out the images below with Utopia Commando Armiger & Drone, Utopia Recce Armiger & Drone, Utopia Support Armiger & Drone, Peace River Warrior & Warrior IV, Peace River Skirmisher & Crusader IV, NuCoal Chasseur & Cuirassier, and NuCoal Jerboa & Chevalier test sprue photos.

We’ll take the time this weekend to clip the parts off the sprues, and glue together each of the new plastic Utopia, Peace River, and NuCoal minis to check if there are any issues. And take lots of photos for another Kickstarter update early next week of the assembled plastic minis. If all is good we plan to approve the Utopia, Peace River, and NuCoal plastic injection molds next week. Then they will be shipped from Taiwan to Vancouver, Canada by sea and then on to the plastics manufacturer we’ll be using here in Montreal by rail and truck. We’ll make more Kickstarter updates as the shipping and plastics manufacturing progresses.