Dream Pod 9 Summer Sale 2019 Extended 1 Week and DP9 Office Closed Next Week for Short Staff Vacation!

We have decided to extend the Dream Pod 9’s annual Online Store Summer Sale 2019 by 1 Week. It will now end on Sunday September 8th at Midnight EST. Also the DP9 Office will be closed next week for a short staff vacation, while the weather is still nice here in Canada. We’ll be back on Monday September 9th and get all the Summer Sale 2019 online store orders received shipped out that week.

Place your orders now and get some great bonus gifts for larger orders. We have sale specials on Heavy Gear Blitz and Jovian Wars starters and faction armies, HGB resin Striders, Tanks, VTOLs, and APCs. If you need a little bit to get your order to the next Bonus Gift level, remember that we have individual weapons and parts for sale as well. You can checkout all the specially priced products in the DP9 Online Store Summer Sale 2019 section via the following link.

Order Sub-Total in $USD (before any shipping & taxes) shown below gives the $USD of Bonus Gifts you can select:
$50.00 to $99.99 USD order gets you $7 in Bonus Gifts.
$100.00 to $199.99 USD order gets you $20 in Bonus Gifts.
$200.00 to $299.99 USD order gets you $45 in Bonus Gifts.
$300.00 USD or more order gets you $70 in Bonus Gifts.
Every $100 USD over the $300 USD order gets you an extra $30 in Bonus Gifts.
To get the Bonus Gifts, include the list of items in the Comments Section of the order at checkout. Do not include them in the actual order, as the online store will automatically charge the Gifts.

We added the Jovian Wars: Venus Spaceships, Exo-Armor, Fighter & Bomber Squads to the DP9 Online Store. Plus we made a new Venus Faction Starter Force with 3 Spaceships, All 9 Exo/Fighter/Bomber Squads and Turning Template for $105.95 USD and the final week of the summer sale its $5 off at just $100.95 USD, which also gets you $20 in bonus gifts.You can checkout the Jovian Wars Spaceships, Exos & Fighter Squads, and Forces section at the following link.

Plus we added the Jovian Wars Patch, Venus Decals Sheet, Dice and Parts to the DP9 Online Store as well, here is a link to their section to check them out.

Now that the Jovian Wars: Venus Forces are available on the DP9 Online Store we have removed the Venus Kickstarter from the DP9 Pledge Manager website.