Kickstarter Update: Utopia, Peace River & NuCoal Steel Plastic Injection Molds Prepped for Shipping!

Our plastic injection molds manufacturer over in Taiwan prepared the Utopia, Peace River & NuCoal molds for shipping this week and sent us some photos. A big thank you to Gill and the entire manufacturing team for a great job and taking photos for us to share with our Kickstarter Backers and Players. Checkout some photos below of the Utopia steel mold opened, then covered in grease (this is done to protect it for the sea air when transported on the container ship to Canada), then re-assembled and closed up, then wrapped in plastic, and finally placed in its wooden shipping crate. Now we just have to wait on the final shipping and insurance quotes, then get money transferred and they will be shipped out, we expect in the next 2 weeks.