Kickstarter Update: Mold Shipping News, DP9 Pledge Manager and DP9 Online Store Add-On Orders, and Golden Gear 2019 Trophies Finished Up!

An important Kickstarter update today to let everyone know that the 3 plastic injection molds for our new Utopia, Peace River, and NuCoal plastic miniatures have shipped out from the manufacturer in Taiwan. They are on a ship somewhere in the Pacific right now, with an expected arrive date of around October 15th at the plastic manufacturer here in Montreal, barring any delays with Canada Customs.

So we’ll need to get final production numbers by October 15th, 2019 for how may pops of each plastic injection mold are needed to fill all our Kickstarter Backer Reward Packages (shipping in November / December this year) and for DP9 Online Store and Retailer/Distributor Orders in 2020. We still have a few Backers that have not logged into the DP9 Pledge Manager yet and setup their accounts. Then selected their reward level and any add-ons they pledged for during the Kickstarter. We’ll be messaging all those backers via the Kickstarter messaging system, over the next several days, with a reminder to do so.

For those of you that have already placed your DP9 Pledge Manager website order at the following link ( for your Backer Reward Package and would like to add to it with more Kickstarter Add-Ons or Products from the DP9 Online Store available at the following link ( You can email your Add-On requests to Robert Dubois at please included your name and DP9 Pledge Manager order number. He’ll get back to you with the Add-Ons cost in $CAD and then send you a PayPal money request to get paid.

Golden Gear 2019 Update: We got all 4 of the trophies finished up this week, Chibi King Cobras assembled, spray painted gold, and then mounted on the oak bases with plaques, see photo attached. Please email in your entries for the Golden Gear and Golden Exo Painting Competitions to Robert at just one entry at a time with maximum of 5 photos per entry.