Golden Exo 2019 Painting Competition Final Day – Get Your Entries in Now!

It’s the final day to get your get your entries in for the Jovian Wars Golden Exo 2019 Miniature Painting Competition, deadline is Midnight October 31st, 2019.

Jovian Wars fans and players, please take the time to get at least one Jovian Wars Spaceship, Exo Squad, and Fighter/Bomber Squad painted up this week, take some photos, and email them in to Robert Dubois at for him to post in the DP9 Forum Thread. If you have time to paint up 2 Spaceships & 2 Squads for either the Jovian, CEGA, or Venus faction take some photos and enter them in one of the three Best Force Categories.

Checkout a few of the new entry images attached with this post and to see all the full entries received so far and the competition details click the following link to the Golden Exo thread on the DP9 Forum.…