Painted HGB Infantry Squads on Round Bases and Painted Exclusive Minis!

We got some of the older HGB Infantry from various factions (previously mounted on hex bases) cast-up and glued on the newer round 40 mm squad bases to show in the New 3rd Edition Living Rulebook. Then gave them to Phil to painted up and add sand (flocking) to the base and paint it. Here are the infantry squads he painted in January, which we took photos of, then close-cut and updated their various squad pack blister sheets (shown below). They include the Southern Lizard Riders, Southern Bikes with Sidecars, Southern Bikes, Northern ATVs, CEF Grels (2 Squads + 1 Team), CEF Grels on Hoverbikes, Black Talon, Caprice, NuCoal Sandriders, and the Peace River (2 Squads + 1 Team). Plus we had Phil paint up the Xmas 2013 exclusive Command Jager and Gen Con 2014 exclusive Headhunter minis, which we sell at conventions DP9 attends and during our Summer and Xmas Sales on the DP9 Online Store, Enjoy!