DP9 Social Distancing Sale! (April 6th thru Midnight EST May 31st, 2020)

The Dream Pod 9 Social Distancing Sale is on Now thru Midnight EST May 31st, 2020. The Sale includes 20% OFF all Heavy Gear Blitz Army Boxes & Miniature Packs (Gears, Striders, Tanks, Hovertanks, Mounts, APCs, VTOLS, & Infantry) and Heavy Gear Arena Miniature Packs! Plus 20% OFF all Jovian Wars Spaceships, Exo/Fighter/Bomber Squads, and Starter Forces! And to top it all off our friends over at Fusion Models are giving 20% OFF on all their products, including the 1/35 scale Kodiak Master Grade Kit and both Jovian Chronicles Garage Kits! Plus 20% OFF All Heavy Gear Fleet Scale Minis!

The GOLDEN GEAR Painting Competition is on now, while Social Distancing, pickup a few minis, get painting, take photos, and Enter!

Click the link below to visit the DP9 Online Store and place your order.


Here is a direct link to the Heavy Gear Fleet Scale Minis just added to the DP9 Social Distancing Sale.