Jovian Chronicles Returns to the Bundle of Holding!

Dream Pod 9 and the Bundle of Holding website are pleased to announce the launching of a revived Jovian Chronicles eBook Bundle that was last offered back in March 2018. Jovian Chronicles is a hard science and anime-style adventure roleplaying game set in the 23rd-Century Solar System. The starter bundle at $14.95 USD includes a comprehensive collection of 8 ebooks featuring the Second Edition of Jovian Chronicles. Also a Bonus collection with 11 more ebooks is also available for an extra pledge. The Bundle launched on Monday, August 31st, 2020 at 2 pm EST on the Bundle of Holding website (link below). And runs until 11 pm EST Monday, September 21, 2020. If your a fan of our Jovian Chronicles game here’s a chance to pickup 19 of the eBooks (some electronic format and some scanned versions) for a great price!

The Jovian Chronicles Bundle ebook lineups:

STARTER COLLECTION ($14.95 USD – retail value $56.50)
– Silhouette CORE RPG Rules Deluxe Edition (retail $12)
– Player’s Handbook 2nd Edition ($12)
– 2 Mechanical Catalogs (1 and 2) ($13.50 total)
– Spacer’s Guide ($5)
– Space Equipment Handbook ($5)
– Earth Planet Sourcebook ($5)
– CISLunar Space ($6)

(threshold starts at $24.95 USD – retail value $76.50)
– Jovian Chronicles Companion ($7.50)
– 4 Planet Sourcebooks (Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter) ($23 total):
– 3 Ships of the Fleet books (Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3) ($19 total)
– The Chaos Principle ($6)
– Gamemaster Handbook & Screen ($6)
– Art of Jovian Chronicles Volume 1 ($15)

19 titles (starter + bonus collections) total retail value: $133 USD

The customer can pay any price (minimum $14.95) to get all the titles in the Starter Collection. If you pay more than the threshold (average) price, which is set at $24.95 to start, you also get all the
bonus titles.

We are also happy to announce that ten percent (10%) of each purchase (after gateway fees) will be going to the Direct Relief charity. Who get protective gear and critical care medications to health workers, with emergency deliveries daily to medical facilities across the US and to regional response agencies across the world.