Jovian Chronicles Bundle of Holding adds the First Edition Rulebook and Ships of the Fleet Volume 4!

Dream Pod 9 has decided to make the revived Jovian Chronicles eBook Bundle of Holding even better. We’ve added the Jovian Chronicles First Edition Rulebook to the Starter Collection, bring the total included to 9 ebooks for just $14.95 USD. And the Jovian Chronicles Ships of the Fleet Volume 4: Venus to the Bonus Collection, bringing the total included to 12 ebooks for an extra pledge. All previous purchasers of the Starter or Bonus Collection offers, including those who bought it during its original March 2018 run, ALSO receive the newly added ebook(s) automatically on their Wizard’s Cabinet download page and in their DriveThruRPG Library. Here is a link to the Jovian Chronicles Bundle of Holding page for those interested in checking it out and maybe picking up a great deal.