Great News for Fans of Tribe 8!

Dream Pod 9 has started updating the old scanned Tribe 8 ebooks on DriveThruRPG with new clearer to read and searchable electronic versions, see sample page image attached below from the Tribe 8 Rulebook.

The first four are now available:
– Tribe 8 Rulebook 1st Edition
– Weaver Screen and Assistant
– Vimary Sourcebook
– Children of Lilith
If you previously purchased these ebooks, the updated files have automatically been added to your accounts on DriveThruRPG and are now available for you to login and download.

We’ll also be adding Print on Demand options for them once we get proof copies printed and approved in the near future.

A big thank you to long time Dream Pod 9 supporter Scott Ferguson for his help in converting the old Tribe 8 PageMaker layout files over to InDesign. Which requires a lot of time, as most of the pages needed to be completely re-laid out and even some chapter texts completely re-typed in as well. Once a layout is redone with InDesign, we can save it as the electronic version ebook pdf and with a bit more work as even higher rez cover and interior Print on Demand (POD) pdf files.

We hope to get all of the Tribe 8 ebooks updated to electronic versions in the coming year. The next few that we’re finishing up right now include the Tribe 8 Companion, Horrors of the Z’bri, and Into the Outlands. We also plan to make available for the first time the Tribe 8 Map Pack (DP9-811) and The Art of Tribe 8 – Volume 1 sometime in 2021. We are saving all the artwork files as the Tribe 8 books are being re-laid out to compile into the first Art book next year.